Go Find Her

Her Who? – Hello! My name is Carmen. I’m a Texas girl. I have a wonderful husband, Trail, who I can’t wait to have kiddos with. My faith drives me or should I say, it grounds me. I believe in a gracious and loving God and I hope to live a life that shares the immeasurable love of Jesus with others. He was the perfect example and I’ll do my best to be His hands and feet while I’m here wandering the earth. I say wander because I have felt like a wanderer for such a long time. Not knowing exactly where I fit in to this circus called life. Hence , Go Find Her.

The Blog  – Go find her is about a girl getting curious about her own voice, daring to speak above a whisper and to actually listen. Everything I’ve read about blogging before said that a blog should be focused and have a target audience. Well, that’s a problem for me. I’m interested in a lot of things and I’m passionate about a few. Turns out wanting people, women especially, to know who they are and live confidently is something I’m extremely passionate about. It’s like when you become confident in who you are you get an all access pass to your best life. But how can I cultivate and encourage this super-trait in others if I don’t possess it myself? The more confident I’ve become in being my authentic self, the more I realize that I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to my interests and opinions. Knowing that is okay opens my world up to all kinds of amazing. What makes one more confident in themselves could be any number of things and something different on any given day. The more I find out about myself the more I seek.

This is not a deep revelational blog. I have found that deep should be inspiring but you can’t live there 24/7. You have to dig deep, get what you need and use it practically. Lifestyle blog? I’m not sure about that either- some days life is Coffee, Shopping, Musings, Inspiration, Faith, People, Places and all manner of other things. Hopefully some of this on some day or another will bring you some sort of smile or weird grin happy face. Thanks for stopping by!

XO ~ Carmen